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Here we go, Costa Rica!

Join us for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Costa Rica's coffee culture. Discover the rich flavors, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant traditions that make Costa Rican coffee world-renowned.


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Brew Gear

Kape Catorce Coffee

AKA KC14 Coffee
We're all about sustainability and traceability. Beyond mere transactions, we craft enduring connections, fostering a community committed to the journey ahead.
Every coffee experience is an opportunity to learn. In today's modern coffee industry, transparency and genuine information are key. We're passionate about sharing coffee knowledge openly and authentically, without resorting to vague statements or empty words. Our aim is to engage with you directly.
It's no quick fix when it comes to sourcing our coffee. We invest years in research and nurturing relationships at origin. So when we finally get our hands on a batch, it's like finding treasure. We handle it with utmost care, ensuring every roast brings out its full glory.
Our partnerships extend beyond just producers; we collaborate with importers who share our values. Together, we strive for transparency across the entire supply chain, acknowledging the hard work of every individual behind each extraordinary cup of coffee.
We've got big dreams for our company and the producers we team up with. We focus on working with producers who have their own exciting projects in mind, especially women and families who are full of big dreams and are eager to kickstart their own ventures.