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Nensebo Woreda

(Refisa Washing Station)


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Meet Tariku Kare

Tariku Kare's journey from a cherry sorter to a successful washing station owner is a story of hard work and seizing opportunities. Born in Bombe, Tariku started working at a local cooperative at just 15 years old. He climbed the ranks, eventually managing a washing station in Nansebo after being promoted from cherry sorting.

When the owner of the Nansebo station went bankrupt due to market disruptions, Tariku and 17 other workers formed their own company and opened a new washing station, with Tariku at the helm. Later, he ventured out on his own, opening another station in Arsi to supply coffee internationally.

After stabilizing the Nansebo mill and attracting enough cherry producers, Tariku returned to Bombe and built a washing station there. He pays a premium for high-quality cherry and works hard to encourage farmers to bring their produce to his stations each year. Tariku's success showcases how dedication and seizing opportunities can lead to remarkable achievements.

The Journey

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Commitment to Quality

Tariku Coffee is a leading exporter of Sidama Coffee within Ethiopia's export industry. The company has received international recognition, including the notable 2019/2020 African Fine Coffee Association's Award in the Washed Coffee category. As an active member of the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association and the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), Tariku Coffee is committed to maintaining high standards in the coffee industry.

Social Responsibility

Tariku Coffee goes beyond simply producing high-quality coffee. The company prioritizes the needs of the community by investing back into it. Through various social responsibility initiatives, Tariku Coffee creates job opportunities for locals, particularly women, with 20 permanent employees and 600 workers overall.

The company annually contributes to charity, providing school materials and financial assistance to children from low-income families. Additionally, Tariku Coffee supports local growers by providing a platform for them to sell their products nationally and offers training at the farm level.

Commitment to Quality
Social Responsibility