The Leo Blend

Seasonal South America

Tabi, Colombia, Caturra


Between 800-2.100 M.A.S.L

Washed & Natural

A balance between dark chocolate, roasted almonds and molasses


About the Leo

Fazenda Pinheiro, in Mococa, São Paulo, was bought by Maria Silva and Marco A. Guardabaxo from Ruben Pinheiro in 2003. They expanded its coffee cultivation to 9.5 hectares in 2007, increasing its output significantly. Situated at 800 to 900 meters above sea level, the farm boasts flat coffee plantations and hills covered with eucalyptus trees. Marco, with his expertise in agronomy, has been renovating and expanding the farm since November 2003. Besides modern infrastructure, the farm hosts the Ocafi labs, office, and roastery, serving as the center of Ocafi’s global operations.