Costa Rica Finca Las torres

Rivas, Chirripo



Between 1350 - 1825 M.A.S.L

Natural Honey. Dried 5-6 days on raised beds after depulping, finished on patios.





The Ureña Family

Fifteen years ago, Régulo and Isabel embarked on a journey fueled by dreams of a brighter future for their family. With hearts full of hope and determination, they made a bold leap from production to processing their own coffee, embracing the thrilling challenge of controlling the entire process. Over the years, their vision expanded, and they began exporting their exquisite coffee directly from their farm to various corners of the globe.

As their venture blossomed, so did their family. Their youngest daughter, Tatiana, was born, bringing joy and new energy to their lives. Meanwhile, Ricardo, Mario, and Esteban completed their studies and joined the family business, dedicating themselves fully to the company’s mission. Luis, on his own path, continued his studies in medicine, adding another layer of pride to the family's accomplishments.

The family also welcomed new members: Ricardo's wife, Tati Esquivel, and the next generation, Sara and Luciana, who represent the future of this thriving legacy. Through every challenge and triumph, Régulo and Isabel’s unwavering commitment and the unity of their growing family have turned their dream into a reality, creating a lasting impact on the world, one cup of coffee at a time.

More About This Coffee

Finca Las Torres, is nestled in the Brunca area of Costa Rica within the micro-region of Chirripó. The operation spans several lush, garden-like areas, each with distinct names, all delivering cherries to fully integrated wet and dry milling facilities within the farm itself. This ensures their coffee is meticulously prepared for export right from the farm, guaranteeing both exceptional quality and traceability.

Rivense's commitment to excellence has been recognized repeatedly, with one lot placing 5th in Costa Rica's Cup of Excellence competition in 2019. The farm is managed sustainably, focusing on reducing its carbon footprint. Proper shade management provides organic material for healthy soil, fertilizers and treatments are applied only when necessary, and all water sources are carefully protected. Located alongside Costa Rica's highest peak, the Chirripó micro-region boasts a unique micro-climate and flourishing biodiversity, ideal for specialty coffee production and processing.

The Ureña family's dedication to honey and natural-processed coffees not only enhances cup quality but also minimizes water usage, reinforcing their dual mission of sustainability and excellence.

The Journey

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The Ureña Rojas Family's Commitment

Since the Ureña Rojas family started their business, environmental preservation has always been a top priority. From the beginning, their honey and natural coffees have been lovingly sun-dried, a testament to their commitment to sustainable practices. As the years passed, their production steadily increased, but the ever-changing weather posed significant challenges. Long, rainy seasons threatened to disrupt their meticulous drying process and risk damaging their precious coffee.

Environmental Responsibility

Determined to safeguard their hard work and uphold their environmental values, the family sought innovative solutions. Embracing the advancements in technology, they decided to incorporate a mechanical static dryer into their mill. This move not only mitigates the risks posed by unpredictable weather but also ensures the consistent quality of their coffee. With this new addition, the Ureña Rojas family can continue to grow their business sustainably, honoring their tradition of excellence and environmental stewardship.

The Ureña Rojas Family's Commitment
Environmental Responsibility