ANEI Colombia Women Weavers Fairtrade Organic

La Guajira






Between 1.400 - 2.100 M.A.S.L

Washed and dried on raised beds

Dark Chocolate





The ANEI Journey

Aurora Izquierdo, a pioneering woman from the Arhuaco community, founded ANEI to elevate coffee cultivation into a source of community value while promoting Earth stewardship. Informed by their belief in the Sierra Nevada as the "heart of the world," ANEI practices intentional, chemical-free farming. The community sees the Earth as female and values women as agents of significant change, resulting in a naturally equitable environment within the organization.

The Journey

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Women Weavers

"Mujeres Tejedoras" honors the tradition of women's weaving and recognizes the integral role of women within the community. ANEI's women's program offers training in food safety and childcare, along with support for local traditions such as handcrafting. Through the World Bank Productive Alliances Project, the women receive commercial support, including training to enhance infrastructure, cultivation conditions, and business skills, facilitating their access to markets.

ANEI's Cosmovision

Since the beginning of the universe all beings that inhabit this planet have the mission to live in harmony, peace and balance with nature in order to achieve a general welfare.

The Arhuaco Cosmovision ANEI keeps our cultural principles, left to us by our parents Kaku Serankwa and Arwawiku from the beginning. That means to harmonize our energies with all the elements of our mother earth Seynekun, who represents the feminine, the fertility.

The Heart of the World

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia is a unique mountain range, standing as an isolated system within the Andes Mountains along the Caribbean coast. Rising sharply from the Caribbean Sea, it culminates in snow-capped peaks, with its highest point being Gonawindua at 5,775 meters, making it the tallest mountain in Colombia and the highest coastal range globally, as well as the tallest within the tropical zone. Known as a climatic microcosm, it encompasses all thermal zones, from tropical beaches to glacial summits. Its varied climate, influenced by trade winds and altitude, ranges from 30°C at lower elevations to freezing temperatures at the highest peaks. Designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1979, it supports diverse ecosystems and indigenous communities.

Women Weavers
ANEI's Cosmovision
The Heart of the World

Aurora Izquierdo

In 1972, Aurora Izquierdo left her territory in the Sierra Nevada to seek a better future for her community. The road, marked by hardship, was not an easy one. However, her efforts resulted in a transformative proposal. Upon her return, Aurora proposed to her community the planting of organic coffee, respecting ancestral traditions. The Arhuacos analyzed the project, made agreements with the spiritual leaders and the authorities, and began to work.
The conviction that perseverance opens roads made Aurora Izquierdo, an indigenous Arhuaca woman, materialize an idea that today exports coffee from the Sierra Nevada and the Serranía del Perijá to 15 countries. Through Café Anei the efforts of 800 families bear fruit.