Kasama Espresso Blend

Seasonal South America & Asia

Tabi Caturra Colombia

Ateng Super

Between 1.005-2.100 M.A.S.L

Washed & Natural

A balance between dark chocolate, dulce de leche and ripe fruit notes


Kasama Blend

Kasama is a Tagalog verb meaning "to be together"; it is also a noun meaning "companion" or "friend." This theme was carefully selected to emphasize the importance of togetherness even among people who come from different continents.

South America and Asia blend together in perfect harmony.

We will explore an extraordinary combination that highlights the fusion of Colombia's rich coffee heritage with China's flourishing coffee culture. Prepare for a delicious adventure as we delve into the harmonious blend of Colombian and Chinese coffee, with outstanding flavors and unique profiles of these two countries.


Our espresso blend, known as Kasama, is a meticulously crafted combination that offers a rich and full-bodied experience. With its delightful hints of chocolate, nuts, and cherries, this blend is perfect for those seeking a satisfying espresso. It's also wonderfully versatile and pairs exceptionally well with milk. Whether you're an experienced barista or simply enjoy the occasional coffee indulgence, our Kasama espresso blend will undoubtedly impress.

Colombian Coffee: Colombia, known as the land of excellent coffee, stands as one of the largest coffee producers in the world. Recognized for its superior quality and its diverse bean varieties, Colombian coffee offers an unparalleled sensory experience. Its rich volcanic soil, high altitudes and excellent climate provide the perfect conditions to cultivate the finest quality Arabica coffee beans, with remarkable acidity, full body and delicious sweetness. Colombian coffee is famous for its flavor nuances, which include notes of caramel, chocolate, berries and floral nuances.

Chinese coffee: Although historically China has not been as famous for its coffee culture, it has become an interesting player in the coffee industry. In recent years, China has rapidly become a major coffee consumer, fostering its own production and developing a vibrant specialty coffee scene. Chinese coffee presents a unique fusion of flavors, often with notes of roasted sesame seeds, cherries, bitter chocolate, and black tea, creating an intriguing taste experience.

Blend of Colombian and Chinese coffee: When these two exceptional coffee cultures merge, the result is a truly captivating symphony of flavors. The blend of Colombian and Chinese coffee creates a delicious combination that intertwines the best of both worlds.